Beau Candidates Meet with Mayor John Tecklenburg

Each year, beau candidates have the opportunity to spend time with city leaders. This year, Charleston City Mayor, John Tecklenburg and senior staffer, Keith Benjamin, Director of Transportation spent time sharing leadership education with the candidates.

Inaugural Board of Directors Inducted

A new, inaugural board of directors was recently inducted. The new directors are: Master Bines, Kenneth Canty, Adrianne Grimes, Kenneth Joyner, Daryl Milligan, Kevin Smith, Stephanie Taylor, Quenton Tompkins, James Weaver.

This is a historic milestone for this organization! In the past, the Council of Elders have served a dual role of mentoring and teaching, as well as governing the organization. Having a board of directors will allow the elders to focus on mentoring and teaching beau candidates, while the board will have traditional responsibilities such as reporting, non-profit status, voting, financial sustainability, and supporting the organization in any way possible. Board of Directors also serve as ambassadors for the organization.

(L-R) Quenton Tompkins, Stephanie Taylor, Adrian Grimes, Master Bines, Kevin Smith, Daryl Milligan and Joe Wade, President. Not pictured: Kenneth Canty, Kenneth Joyner and James Weaver