The program seeks to encourage and mold young men during their personal development to head down a path to a bright future with educational persistence, intellectual development, and positive self-concepts. It is a male-hood-to-manhood transition program. The male candidates are called Beaux.

The young men are taught that they were born males, not men, and they will become men when they learn the art and science of manhood. Workshops are given throughout the year to enhance leadership through training in conflict resolution, public speaking, entrepreneurship, reading assignments, and other life skills. One of the program’s goals is to promote and provide opportunities for young men from disadvantaged circumstances and young men from non-disadvantaged circumstances to interact while performing community service projects, discussing literature, and other activities during the ‘rites of passage.’ The opportunity to interact fosters a bond and understanding between the young men that may help to eliminate a distrust based on socio-economics. Seventy percent of the young men completing the ‘rites of passage’ within the last five years have gone to college or have enlisted in the military.