Thank you for your interest in The Beaux Affair Program. We are a time-tested leadership and mentoring program for high school junior and senior males. The application provides you with all the information needed to apply. After you submit it, an elder in the program will contact you with information about application interviews and the next steps.


  • WhatsApp – Beau candidates and parents MUST have an active WhatsApp messaging app. WhatsApp is the Beaux programming’s primary means of communication.
  • Active Email Account – Beau candidates and parents must also have an active email account that is checked regularly for ongoing program communication.

Becoming a ‘Beau’ is not just a step; it’s a significant leap towards your bright future as you join a select group of high school juniors and seniors who are committed to leadership and mentoring!

Complete your application form today! The application deadline is July 29, 2024.

Class of 2024-2025 Application Form

Pay the $50.00 Application Fee by clicking the Yellow Donate Button on the Right.