Inaugural Board of Directors Inducted

A new, inaugural board of directors was recently inducted. The new directors are: Master Bines, Kenneth Canty, Adrianne Grimes, Kenneth Joyner, Daryl Milligan, Kevin Smith, Stephanie Taylor, Quenton Tompkins, James Weaver.

This is a historic milestone for this organization! In the past, the Council of Elders have served a dual role of mentoring and teaching, as well as governing the organization. Having a board of directors will allow the elders to focus on mentoring and teaching beau candidates, while the board will have traditional responsibilities such as reporting, non-profit status, voting, financial sustainability, and supporting the organization in any way possible. Board of Directors also serve as ambassadors for the organization.

(L-R) Quenton Tompkins, Stephanie Taylor, Adrian Grimes, Master Bines, Kevin Smith, Daryl Milligan and Joe Wade, President. Not pictured: Kenneth Canty, Kenneth Joyner and James Weaver