Application Requirements

Qualifying students must be high school juniors or seniors of the male gender. Candidates must be of sound moral character, disciplined, and willing to endure and honor a program commitment from August to March. Applications and the application fee must be submitted along with two reference contacts. The application deadline is August 1, 2022.


Most workshops and activities take place on Sunday afternoon of every other week from 4 -7 p.m. CDC safety guidelines will be followed. Participants are required to attend all workshops and related activities of their Beaux Affair ‘Rites of Passage’ experience (workshops, retreats, community service, and special events). Community service and special events dates will be identified at the Beau Affair orientation and in the Beau Candidate handbook once it has been distributed.

Scholarship Opportunities

The Beaux Affair Program encourages the attendance of post-secondary education and vocational institutions and provides scholarship opportunities for the young men who successfully complete the ‘Rites of Passage’.  Since 1990 more than $800,000 have been awarded for scholarships and other awards of recognition.

Application & Registration Fee

A program registration fee is determined annually. In addition, participants are required to solicit ads, sponsorships, and patrons for a souvenir journal. The participant, churches, businesses or a combination of sources may pay the registration fee.  The registration fee for this year is $75. There is a required $25 non-refundable application fee to submit the application for the program.  This will be credited towards your overall registration fee.

Fundraising & Entrepreneurship

All Beaux Affair participants are required to generate ads, patrons, sponsorships, and/or fundraising activities for the Beaux Affair year. The ads and patrons will be published in The Beaux Affair Souvenir Journal which is a keepsake that serves as a picturesque and memorable experience of participation in the Beaux Affair RITES OF PASSAGE Program. Selling of ads and patrons for the Souvenir Journal starts in August and ends on February. The fundraising requirement along with all fundraising goals, strategies, and opportunities will be identified at the Beau Affair orientation session in August.

Funds generated from the selling of ads, sponsorships and patrons will be for beau scholarships, the cost associated with the program and the ball, publication cost of the Souvenir Journal and other leadership & recognition awards. According to funds raised, the Beau class may participate in an out-of-town/state cultural trip during spring break. All funds generated and/or donated for the Charleston Youth Leadership, Inc. Beaux Affair ‘Rites of Passage’ program are non-refundable.